If you ever find yourself in a fashion slump, or any kind of slump, my advise is: Go to Paris!
That’s what i did.

Balmain paris_photographer

snapchatstorysnapchat_sotry_2snapchat_story_3snapchat_story_4snapchat_story_5   thumb_img_0098_1024 thumb_img_0510_1024thumb_img_0323_1024 thumb_img_0556_1024thumb_img_0546_1024I spend the majority of my time worrying, I worry too much about what other people think.  More than often I let my insecurities get the best of me. But as I was walking through Paris with my cousins I didn’t seem to care about what other people might think of me. And I can tell you it felt great! It felt great not to care, I was just another tourist. In all honesty I have many more words that I can dedicate to insecurities, but that is not what this post is about. There are two things about Paris that inspired me to post this, Fashion and Tiffany.

My cousin Tiffany is a fashion blogger and I have  always enjoyed reading her, and other fashion blogger’s, posts. Which is also why whenever Tiffany asks me to help her out and take pictures I always  jump at the opportunity. This time around she is the one who helped me out, she encouraged me to leave the comfort and get in front of the camera. And honestly, I really enjoyed it.

I think it’s about time that I stop letting my insecurities get the best of me. I think I have done enough rambling for one post, this was supposed to be an outfit of the day. So here is what I wore in Paris.






Comfy and warm was what I was going for. If especially if I’m going to be traveling for 24+ hours.

Honestly you wouldn’t believe how comfortable that faux leather skirt is. It looked great and left me with the freedom I needed to move around and take pictures.thumb_img_0183_1024

An easy and simple style that still looks put together.







In all honesty, I did pack a pair of fray black heels that I  had bought recently.

I guess I will have to show them off some other time.

Today I decided to put on my trusty old Adidas Superstars.

Though I probably should have given them a clean before, oops!

thumb_img_0132_1024 thumb_img_0302_1024 thumb_img_0309_1024thumb_img_0735_1024thumb_img_0433_1024


Fur jumper – Primark  €13,-

Faux leather skirt – Villa  €40,-

Sneakers – Adidas €99,95

Long camel coat – Zara €160,- (last season)

Quilted envelope bag – SheIn €38,99 (currently on sale for €24)


So real talk… I’ve decided to tackle mine head first, I won’t let insecurities keep me from doing what I like. How do you deal with insecurities?


  1. I try to deal with my own insecurities the best way I how, which is not to overthink and over-stress about it. So I loveeed that you didn’t care what others thought of you when we were in Paris. We were there to have fun and so we did!! Can’t wait to go on our next travel adventure 😀

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