After a rollercoaster of a year I came to realisation that  I am the only one who can controle my happiness, and that if I truly want to be happy and healthy it should work on myself from the inside out. One part of this ‘happier me’ involves getting healthy and getting fit. My life has always been about gaining weight, dieting, loosing the weight and then gaining it all back and then some.  This time I need to seriously change my life around; eat better and move more.

For me being healthy involves cutting out a lot of the fatty and processed food I tend to eat. I want to be more cautious with what I put into my body, so I have decided to go green. Unless I go out to eat, I want everything I eat to be either vegetarian or vegan. To help me on this journey I went on the hunt for the perfect (vegan)cookbooks. Here are my top 6 picks



My top 6 picks

veganbooksDeliciously Ella: The best thing about this book is that you don’t have to be a master chef in order to follow these recipes, they are quick, simple and easy.  This book is all about easy cooking, which means it is right up my street.

your 50days of green happiness: I actually picked this book because my mom has a copy at home. Every day she calls me up to tell me what made and my mouth starts to water every time. This cookbook is written by two Dutch girls (and is in Dutch) and is suitable for every lifestyle. What i love about this is that even though they contain meat, all their recipes can be adjusted to fit either your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Which means you can pick and choose weather you want to go meat less or not.

SuperFoods: To be honest, I picked this book based on the pictures. When peaking inside, everything just looked so good! I can’t wait to try them. Once again this isn’t a vegan only cookbook, but everything can be adjusted to fit your vegan lifestyle.

Rawsome vegan baking: The main thing I panic about whenever people talk about going vegan is CHEESECAKE! I love to bake, and even more than that I love to eat pastries. So if there is one book I need in my life it is a vegan cookbook all about  baked goods.

The Earth Diet: This book is perfect for someone like me who is looking for a lifestyle change, but feel like you still want to eat meat and fish occasionally. However the main thing I like about this book is the introduction where they explain what a vegan life entails and how to best make the switch.

Fresh from the Vegan slow cooker: I am always busy and always on the go. Even on days when I don’t have any plan I tend to not stay home, which basically comes down to this; I don’t always have time to cook! For a girl like me owning a slow cooker is key. When looking for the perfect crockpot cookbook it was the Ziti with Mushroom and Bell Pepper Ragu that sold me on this. As soon as this book comes in, I’m making it.

These were a few of the cookbooks I came across when looking and fell in love with. If you have any recommendations leave a comment down below or chat with me over on Facebook.

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