With my birthday right around the corner I have been looking for the perfect gift to get myself. Being on track with my new healthy life style I figured a nice gift to myself would be to endludge in some online shopping.

When it comes to fashion personal style is simple, basic, monochrome and clean cuts. A brand that represents my personal style is NOVEM & KNIGHT. If you haven’t heard of NOVEM & KNIGHT or the co-founder Samantha Maria yet, I would definitely recommend you check out her blog and clothing line. And continue reading to find out what is on my LUSH LIST this month.

lustlist; NOVEM&KNIGHT

Indie: This must be the most versatile and timeless piece on the website. Functioning as both a dress as wel as a button up shirt, the clean cuts and true black color makes the Indie easy to style. The length of the Indie and upper opening (with the possibility to button it up) makes it appropriate to be worn for a casual as wel as a smarter look. What I love the most about the Indie is that it’s a piece that you can easily pick up and throw on combined with a nice pair of Adidas ‘SuperStar’. This would be my more edgy and street style version of a little black dress. (£39,99)

Dakota: If there is something that everybody needs to have in their wardrobe, it is a basic white tee. You simply can’t go wrong with a basic white t-shirt. The can be dressed up and dressed down and goes with everything. What made me  love the Dakota in particular, is the boyfriend style design. The structured V-neck gives this basic white tee an edge. This is definitely a must-get piece for me. (£29,99)

Liberty: I am obsessed with high-neck/half-turtleneck jumpers. The structured half roll neck combined with 100% organic cotton and the crips-white finish of the liberty jumper makes it the perfect jumper. Despite being a cropped jumper, the structure of the piece makes it possible for it to be both dressed up – to a more business appropriate attire – as dressed down. I would love to pair this with either a nice dark wash high waist denim skinny jeans, or black overalls. (on sale; £29,99)

Coffee Run Tote – Black: There isn’t much to say about this item, aside from that it is absolutely gorgeous. I simply love the clean design of the bag. And even though I’m not a big coffee drinker myself, I have fallen in love with the text ‘COFFEE RUN, in progress’. I’m always on the go and love having a cute spare tote inside the bag that I carry around that day. (£18,99)

These four items are my current favorite, and if it was up to me I would own every single item available on the NOVEM & KNIGHT website. As for now I will have to settle with just one – as a birthday present to myself. Which one should I pick?

Leave a comment down below or over on my twitter telling me what your favourite N&K piece is, and help me pick my birthday gift.

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